Warehouse Equipment designs and installs new and refurbished mezzanine systems from several manufacturers including:

  • Lyons
  • Republic
  • Burroughs
  • Pacific
  • Hallowell
  • Equipto
  • Edsal

Below are the three main types of mezzanine systems that could be used for your space.


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Catwalk Mezzanines

This type of warehouse mezzanine system consists of high-rise racking or shelving. The deck is placed only in aisles. Shelving is required to be the same on all levels.
This type of mezzanine is commonly used for:

Shelving-supported Mezzanines

Shelving-supported mezzanine systems consist of the second floor over an entire lower level of shelving or pallet rack. The second level consists of rack, shelving, offices, or work areas. They allow for relatively unlimited placement of items on the second floor.
Typical applications include:

Structural Mezzanines

Structural multi-level mezzanines maximize floor space and take advantage of unused overhead space. These systems can be a cost-effective alternative to new construction. They allow for placement of:

All Mezzanine Systems typically require drawings from an engineer. The engineer must be registered in the state and be familiar with local code compliance.

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